‘He’s speaking from the heart’: Biographer recalls Trump kept a book of Hitler speeches at his bedside
Composite image, Adolph Hitler via Wikimedia Commons and Donald Trump photo by Gage Skidmore.

Donald Trump is losing control of the GOP's message in the midterm elections, with less than one week before election day, MSNBC's "Deadline: White House" explained on Wednesday.

"This is not the conversation Donald Trump wants the country to be having in the final days," host Nicolle Wallace noted.

"No, because it's not a campaign strategy on his part," replied Trump Nation biographer Tim O'Brien.

"This is who Donald Trump is -- he has been a bigot and a white nationalist for a long time," he reported.

"This is a guy who kept a book of Hitler's speeches on the nightstand by his bed," he continued.

"Wow -- wow," an off-camera guest gasped.

"This is a guy who, in tweets over the last week, has invoked Stalinist and Nazi rhetoric to criticized the media," O'Brien continued. "He revels in it."

"So it's not just a short-term, you know, policy or political move by him to appeal to his base," he explained. "He's speaking from the heart and American voters are seeing him for who he is."