Washington Post reporter Phil Rucker told MSNBC Tuesday that the near total rejection of Trump's visit to Pittsburgh in the wake of the Tree of Life synagogue massacre is a "huge embarrassment" to the president, who he said was likely well-aware of the bipartisan snub.

"It's a huge embarrassment for the president of the United States to be going to Pittsburgh this afternoon and not be greeted by the mayor, not be greeted by the governor, not be greeted by the key local officials who are attending to this tragedy in their own city," Rucker said.

Rucker noted that the rejection would sting, because of Trump's obsession with being "greeted with respect."

"He made such a big deal about President Obama going overseas when sometimes the red carpet wasn't rolled out to him," Rucker said. "He's now going to Pittsburgh without any carpet at all."

He added that the visit was an effort by the president to "go through the motions of being a consoler-in- chief" because empathy is not a natural emotion for Trump.

Watch the video below.