'I'ma let you finish': Black Twitter wonders what in the hell just happened with Kanye West
Donald Trump (left) and Kanye West (right) embrace in the foyer of Trump Tower in late 2016. Image via Timothy A. Clary/AFP.

Rapper Kanye West spent his press conference with President Donald Trump ranting about a number of issues. He bounced between the power he garners from his MAGA hat and describing Trump as a father figure to his own mental health struggles.

#BlackTwitter was shocked and many called it embarrassing.

"Not since that armed robbery have I felt as bad for Kim as I do right now. Whatever you think about her, watching your husband unravel like this much be painful," said novelist and political commentator Goldie Taylor.

While others weren't quite as kind.

"Kanye is sh*t floating in a toilet," said Kima Jones.

You can see the rest of the tweets below: