Kavanaugh defender admits on CNN he would question his own daughter's sexual assault claim if her friends didn't back her up
CNN contributor André Bauer was the Lt. Governor of South Carolina.

The former Republican Lt. Governor of South Carolina said on national TV that he would question his own daughter if she were to tell him about sexual assault without corroborating evidence.

André Bauer made the claims during a segment with CNN's Victor Blackwell, who ended up shutting down the line of discussion to protect Bauer's daughter.

"With all due respect to Dr. Ford, she made an allegation, and several different bodies went to try to clarify it. She provided four different individuals, her friends, not his, who could not quantify or back up in fact, they said just the opposite and then the FBI again they couldn't find any factual evidence," Bauer claimed.

"I have a daughter, I worry about anyone who makes this claim," he added.

"André, you say you have a daughter and are worried about anyone who makes these type of claims," a stunned Blackwell noted. "If your daughter made a claim and she put forth a dozen list of people who corroborated and investigators never spoke to one of those dozen, would you think that was a valid investigation?"

"If my daughter provided her four best friends and they said she never met him, doesn't recall this party, I would ask my daughter to rethink what may have happened," he argued.

"You would ask your own daughter to reconsider that she was sexually assaulted?" Blackwell asked.

"If my daughter, 37 years later, could only recall the individual, couldn't recant any other information, then I would be worried, does she have her facts right," he continued.

At that point, Blackwell shut down the discussion out of respect for the CNN contributor's daughter.