Kavanaugh's drinking buddy Mark Judge admitted he could have murdered somebody in a blackout and not even known
Brett Kavanaugh's high school friend and alleged accomplice Mark Judge. Image via Judge's Facebook.

An unexpected byproduct of Brett Kavanaugh's fraught confirmation hearings is that his high school friend Mark Judge's body of writing has come under scrutiny.

On Monday, Marketwatch reported that Judge's memoir "Wasted: Tales of a GenX Drunk" is being sold for almost $2,000 on Amazon.

After obtaining a copy, Rolling Stone highlighted the most relevant parts of Judge's past, as pertaining to the Kavanaugh hearings: namely that Judge admitted he regularly engaged in the kind of drinking that would lead to blackouts. Judge says that in that state, he could have "murdered somebody" and not been aware.

One night after he graduated from Georgetown Prep, Judge talks about losing a whole night.

“We bought each other several rounds of drinks, and when I looked at the clock it was after midnight. Then, in what seemed like an instant, it was suddenly the next morning…. I had blacked out," he writes. "I awoke lying on my back. I looked around quickly and determined that I was in my room; then I examined myself. I was fully clothed," he wrote.

"I started to panic, terrified of what I could have done during the blackout. I could have done anything and not know it. I could have murdered somebody,” he said.

Although the incident does not implicate Kavanaugh, it certainly shows that Judge not remembering the night Christine Blasey Ford says she was assaulted is not exactly concrete evidence in Kavanaugh's favor.

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