Kellyanne Conway denies Trump mocked Dr. Ford: 'She's been treated like a Fabergé egg'
Kellyanne Conway speaks to reporters outside the White House (Mark Knoller/Twitter)

White House aide Kellyanne Conway on Wednesday insisted that President Donald Trump has treated Dr. Christine Blasey Ford "like a Fabergé egg."

While speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Conway was asked about a campaign-style rally in which Trump mocked Ford's alleged sexual assault.

"She's been treated like a Fabergé egg by all of us, beginning with me and the president," Conway replied, according NBC's Peter Alexander.

CBS correspondent Mark Knoller said that Conway defended the president by arguing that he cited "factual inconsistencies" and "memory gaps" in Ford's story.

Conway also accused reporters of misstating Trump's comments about Ford.

The special counselor to the president also defended Trump against allegations that he and his family committed fraud to avoid paying estate taxes.

“The president has denied that. His attorney has said it’s 100 percent false,” Conway said.

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