Longtime conservative Charlie Sykes mocks Ted Cruz for letting Trump get away with insulting his wife

In a Monday appearance on MSNBC, conservative Charlie Sykes mocked Ted Cruz for campaigning with Donald Trump, pointing out that the president has never apologized for insulting the looks of the Texas senator's wife.

"It is an extraordinary scene and an indication of how the Republican Party has changed under Donald Trump," Sykes said, recalling the bitter feud between the two candidates, during which Trump launched highly personal attacks on Cruz's wife and suggested his father was involved with the Kennedy assassination.

"The one time I talked with Donald Trump, he had called into my radio show and I asked him 'do you think you might want to apologize to Heidi Cruz?'" Sykes laughed. "We never got that apology."

"Donald Trump has never apologized for what he said about Ted Cruz," Sykes added. "But apparently that's okay for Ted Cruz."

Watch the video below.