MAGAbomber claimed to have Russian associates and posted Russian propaganda on social media: report
MAGAbomber suspect Cesar Sayoc. (Image via Facebook)

Accused mail bomber Cesar Sayoc posted Russian propaganda on his social media accounts and claimed to have Russian associates, the Washington Post reports.

The pro-Trump terrorist dubbed the MAGAbomber ran a number of social media accounts, which researchers made copies of before his platforms were suspended.

The pro-Trump alleged bomber referenced “my Russian brothers” on several occasions going back to 2015. He shared Russian and Iranian propaganda. At one point, his business account referenced "my brothers in from Russia the great leader Puttins [sic] relatives visiting us today.”

Other posts mentioned places that have large Russian populations, including the south Florida suburb where he lived.

"Here to my Russian Brother in Moscow , Sunny Isle Bch Fla, Brighten Bch Brooklyn NY Brain, Shashana Borus, Eric Jeweler , Macaloff USSR big Red Machine Russian hockey team best in World Big John GM our nightly place 7 star food Kitchen 305 love ya all my brother Force 4 life no group better Hard Rock Sammy enforcers , My Russian, Italian , Native, etc anyone I may left out 4 life," he wrote in one post.

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