Porn maker accuses New Hampshire Republican of assault after nude filming of lawmaker is revealed

A Republican state Congressman accused of assault is comparing his plight to that of Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh, New Hampshire public radio reports.

New Hampshire state Rep. Frank Sapareto, who is up for re-election next week, is being sued for assault by California porn producer Jonathan Carter.

Carter claims Sapareto assaulted him after after he got mad about the filming of a sex scene. Sapareto claims they were shooting travel videos together, but footage reviewed by New Hampshire public radio shows the lawmaker nude, next to a female actress.

Sapareto claims he's been extorted and continues to deny the accusations.

“This is so absurd. Nobody is giving credibility to this except the press," he said. "Even the police know it’s false...I know it’s juicy and it’s a week before the election," he continued, before drawing a parallel to the Kavanaugh hearings. "I know how Judge Kavanaugh feels.”

“I’ve served my community for over 20 years. People know me here. This stuff that this dirtbag is saying is obviously just to discredit me,” Sapareto added.

Sapareto was convicted of simple assault in 2013, after he pushed his girlfriend’s daughter, the AP reported in 2016. He chairs the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee.