Manager of pizza shop where MAGAbomber worked reveals scary details about his racist views
MAGAbomber suspect Cesar Sayoc. (Image via Facebook)

Cesar Sayoc's former manager admitted the suspected bomber "disturbed" his coworkers with racist and homophobic sentiments — but kept him on as an employee until he quit in January 2018.

Debra Gureghian, Sayoc's manager at New River Pizza and Fresh Kitchen in Fort Lauderdale, told the Washington Post that "there was something really off" about the man suspected of sending pipe bombs to at least 10 prominent Democrats and CNN.

"He was very angry and angry at the world, at blacks, Jews, gays,” she said. “He always talked about ‘if I had complete autonomy none of these gays or these blacks would survive.’"

While she never heard Sayoc said "he would kill them or murder them or bomb" minorities, the comments and texts in which he made those statements nonetheless upset his coworkers.

"He was kept on because he did his work reliably," the report noted, summarizing Gureghian, "and good drivers are hard to find."