MSNBC analyst explains the importance of FBI chief’s ‘weird’ dodge regarding when Trump knew of Cesar Sayoc’s arrest

MSNBC's Matt Miller had a lot to say about the Department of Justice's Friday press conference announcing the arrest of mail bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc, but he was mainly interested in FBI Director Chris Wray's "weird" refusal to respond to a question about when the FBI had informed President Trump.

"This last question that I thought Wray gave a very weird answer to when he was asked 'when did you tell the White House, when did you tell the president', and [he] wouldn't answer that," said Miller, pointed out that in reality the answer should always be "immediately."

"It's hard to believe they wouldn't have told the White House yesterday," Miller added, noting that Wray and the FBI had been on to Sayoc for at least 24 hours, and had contacted the Florida Department of Law Enforcement the previous evening. He added that the White House had likely been notified the night before, and blasted the president for spreading conspiracies he must have known were untrue.

"That is just a reprehensible thing for the president to do," Miller said. "I can see why the director of the FBI wouldn't want to commit to that."

Watch the video below.