MSNBC conservative slams 'King Donald' and his 'idiot son' for colluding with Russia

President Trump's Tuesday Associated Press interview, in which he defended his son Don Jr's efforts to obtain information from Russia on Hillary Clinton, didn't sit well with New York Times columnist Bret Stephens. The conservative pundit slammed "King Donald" and his "idiot son" in a Wednesday appearance on MSNBC.

Host Stephanie Ruhle asked Stephens if Americans would reject Trump's "nonsense lies" about Russia, but he wasn't hopeful.

"We've defined deviancy down with the Trump administration," he said. "We're used to the court of King Donald, his sons and courtiers and so on."

Stephens compared Don Jr's contacts with Russia directly to Kushner's contacts in the Middle East. "When you put your son-in-law in charge of foreign policy with Saudi Arabia and then you catch moral laryngitis as one of my colleagues put it, you shouldn't be surprised."

Stephens added that right-wing bomb-thrower Ann Coulter had actually given Trump "one terrific piece of great advice".

"You can't hire your family for important jobs like these, because your son happens to be not a young guy, he happens to be an idiot who wanted to collude with a foreign government to subvert an American election," he said scornfully.

Watch the video below.