MSNBC legal analyst mocks Kavanaugh's temper: 'If I acted like that in court, I'd be hauled off'

MSNBC legal analyst Midwin Charles on Tuesday mocked Brett Kavanaugh's temperament and questioned his fitness for the Supreme Court, noting the growing evidence suggesting the nominee has problems telling the truth as well as difficulty controlling both his drinking and his temper.

Charles said the Democrats' shift from sexual assault questions to Kavanaugh's overall character was appropriate.

"I think what the Democrats are doing is focusing on what they ought to be focusing on," she said. "Does this man have the character, the integrity, the temerity, and the fitness to serve on the Supreme Court? What does that look like?"

"This is a job interview, which means you have to look at a whole host of things as to whether or not this man has the character, the fitness and the temperament, which I think is an issue that hadn't even been on the table until Kavanaugh testified," she said, referring to the nominee's angry outbursts and partisan attacks on Democrats during his confirmation hearings.

"I've been practicing for 18 years," Charles laughed. "The idea that a federal judge would behave that way. If I did that, if any attorney did that in federal court, we would be hauled out by the court officer."

Watch the video below.