MSNBC's Morning Joe ridicules Trump’s self-proclaimed ‘instinct for science’

The "Morning Joe" team ridiculed President Trump's claim that he can deny climate change because he has "an instinct for science" from his uncle who taught at MIT.

"My dad is a doctor, you wouldn't want me performing surgery on you," quipped guest Sam Stein. "You wouldn't want me delivering your child. This is just absurd. It would be funny if it wasn't like so serious."

"If we were to sit here and tell anyone that credibly we have determined that terrorists have plotted to destroy a huge chunk of the planet with weaponry, with bombs and they would starve a bunch of people and they would cause massive economic damage in their plot, we as a government and society would do basically everything in our power to prevent it," Stein added, jabbing the president's inaction. "We wouldn't dismiss it by saying 'there is one person out there that doubts that the terrorists are going to do this.'"

"Headline, 'the world is slowly burning to death'... but Stormy Daniels," added co-panelist Jeffrey Goldberg, laughing derisively. "Can I just be the optimist for a moment here and note for the record that Trump has modulated his view on climate change? He said this was a Chinese manufactured hoax and now he says, 'yeah, it might be changing, it will change back, I don't know, I don't know what causes it.'

"So he's moving in a direction towards science, perhaps because of his 'natural instinct.'"

Watch the video below