MSNBC’s Rick Wilson rips Trump as a 'quivering blob of man-baby of goo' and says his tweet sounded better in the original German

In the wake of President Trump's latest Twitter attacks on the media following a mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue, Republican strategist Rick Wilson savaged his own party Monday on MSNBC's "Morning Joe", agreeing with host Joe Scarborough that everything liberals have said casting the GOP as the party of "racism, nativism, [and] anti-Semitism" was entirely correct.

Wilson admitted that Trump had taken over the party, and the element "we wanted to pretend was in the closet" takes his tweets seriously.

"They read tweets like today -which I'm sure sounded better in the original German- and they're not taking it as some sort of joking Trumpism," Wilson said. "They take it as marching orders. Maybe it's only a tiny fraction, but it only takes a tiny fraction to march into a synagogue and kill 11 people." He also blamed last week's rash of mail bomb attacks targeting Democrats on the president.

Scarborough asked Wilson how the president and his party could harbor such a deep sense of victimhood despite controlling every branch of government. Wilson responded with a torrent of invective about the president’s authoritarian tendencies.

"The guy is a quivering blob of man baby of goo. He's just a child," Wilson said, adding that Trump feeds his base's "sense of alienation".

"They love being reminded that certain people can read and they don't read so good," he said, referring to Trump as a social media arsonist. "And they love that sense of somebody who's going to be their champion and stoke their anger and tell them all their resentments are justified."

Watch the video below.