North Carolina men threaten black campaign worker with a gun in racist assault at early voting location

Two North Carolina men threatened a black GOP campaign worker Wednesday at an early voting station, reports WBTV.

The man told police that three men started taking his picture and hurling racist abuse at him. One shouted the n-word repeatedly as Derek Partee tried to give out fliers, according to reports.

After threatening to assault the poll worker, one of the men lifted his shirt to reveal a holstered gun.

After being called to the scene, police were able to identity the three people involved in the attack and detain them. A BB gun was found on one of the men.

The North Carolina Republican Party condemned the attack in statement. "The NCGOP condemns all forms of political violence and voter intimidation, no matter the source," the Executive Director of the NCGOP said.

According to WUNC North Carolina has seen a surge in early voting, among Democrats, Republicans, and unaffiliated voters.