Paul Manafort spent the day with special counsel Robert Mueller -- did he implicate Don Jr?
Special prosecutor Robert Mueller and former Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

Politico reported Monday that former Donald Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort spent the day with special counsel Robert Mueller as part of striking a deal for the second trial.

The meeting took place in the Washington D.C. office where Manafort will be required to “fully, truthfully, completely, and forthrightly…in any and all matters as to which the government deems the cooperation relevant,” according to their agreement.

During an MSNBC discussion about the news, host Nicolle Wallace made a list of things that Manafort has first-hand knowledge of that will be important for the investigation.

"The Trump Tower meeting," she began. "The [Republican Party] platform change, where it became pro-Putin, for the first time in GOP platform change history. An offer to brief a Russian oligarch. He's been convicted of -- he was convicted of eight felonies."

Bloomberg reporter Tim O'Brien noted that it's clear the wagons are circling Donald Trump Jr. and that it sounds like he might be the architect behind the infamous Trump Tower meeting.

"There two things, the Trump Tower meeting, because that gets at whether or not in June of 2016 members of Trump's campaign met with people who had compromising information on Hillary Clinton in an effort to tilt voters against her campaign," he said. "That gets to things like fraud against the United States, et cetera. There's a real problem."

Wallace called it "the conspiracy" in the investigation.

"I think the president on some of the collusion and conspiracy stuff has less vulnerability than some people thought," O'Brien said.

Wallace noted that Trump's friends explain it as him being too stupid to collude, though the law doesn't create an "out" for such an excuse.

"I think all of the people in the campaign at that point didn't think he was going to get elected, so, they were reckless," O'Brien explained. "Trump is going to be protective of his son. He was the architect of that meeting... I think one of the things looming over the mystery of Trump's affection for Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Putin's desire to play Trump is were the Russians going to get concrete policy changes out of owning the Trump campaign and the Trump Administration in some way."

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