Pennsylvania attorney general: Trump misses the mark every time he opens his mouth
Donald Trump speaks to reporters/Screenshot

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro condemned President Donald Trump's rhetoric on Monday.

On Monday, Shapiro told CNN's Jake Tapper that Trump consistently "misses the mark."

While families are mourning the death of loved ones from the Synagogue massacre in Pittsburgh, Trump has failed to send a unifying message to all Americans.

"President Trump is planning to come to Pittsburgh tomorrow. Are you welcoming him?" Tapper asked.

"This isn't about whether I support the president, this is about making sure that when the president comes to Pennsylvania, he brings with him words of healing," Shapiro said. "That he speaks with moral clarity, something that the president seemingly has been unable to do. He allows his words to be misappropriated by people who then use those words to inflict evil in our community," he said.

Shapiro continued, "The president needs to stand up and firmly condemn that. He cannot continue to allow this to go on, on our timelines or in our town squares. The president has a unique responsibility to rise above the noise and bring down the temperature of our rhetoric and help our community begin to heal."

"That's what I want to see from our president. I think that's what most Americans want to see from our president. Sadly he seems to miss the mark every time he opens up his mouth or engages his twitter feed," he concluded.

Watch the video below via CNN.