Pittsburgh rabbi warns Trump to stay away after synagogue massacre: His presence would make people uncomfortable

Rabbi Aaron Bisno of Pittsburgh's Rodef Shalom synagogue flatly stated Monday on MSNBC that President Trump should stay away from the city after an anti-Semite murdered 11 Jewish congregants in Saturday's mass shooting at Tree of Life synagogue.

Asked by host Hallie Jackson if he would welcome a visit from the president, Bisno at first demurred, saying he appreciated the White House's public statements.

"I also know he really has become a symbol of division in the country," Bisno said. "He says the right thing on one hand, and then winks and nods at his rallies, foments anger, and stirs people up and plays to our worst passions and instincts."

Bisno said whether Trump visited or not would be up to the community, but he was clearly unenthusiastic.

"I know that at this time, in these immediate days as we begin bury our dead and come to terms with our loss that the president's presence in Pittsburgh right now may not make every one as comfortable as he would like to imagine," he said.

Watch the video below.