'Powerful senators won't believe me': New violent and explicit accusation surfaces against Brett Kavanaugh
Accused rapist Brett Kavanaugh testifies during a rage-filled hearing about his fitness for office/Screenshot

Yet another allegation has come up against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

The Senate Judiciary Committee posted a letter from an individual as part of another conversation with the judge. Kavanaugh was asked about the accusation the evening prior to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's testimony last week. The individual's name was censored, but the violent and disturbing content was read to the judge and was entered into the record as part of the committee's hearing.

"Kavanaugh and a friend offered me a ride home," the person wrote in her letter. "I don’t know the other boy’s name. I was in his car to go home. His friend was behind me in the backseat. Kavanaugh kissed me forcefully. I told him I only wanted a ride home. Kavanaugh continued to grope me over my clothes, forcing his kisses on me and putting his hand under my sweater. ‘No,’ I yelled at him."

The source said that the boy in the backseat reached around and put his hand over the source's mouth and held her to keep her in the car.

"I screamed into his hand. Kavanaugh continued his forcing himself on me," the source continued. "He pulled up my sweater and bra exposing my breasts, and reached into my panties, inserting his fingers into my vagina. My screams were silenced by the boy in the backseat covering my mouth and groping me as well."

The accuser then said that Kavanaugh slapped her and told her to be quiet before forcing her to perform oral sex on him.

"He climaxed in my mouth. They forced me to go into the backseat and took turns raping me several times each," the source said. "They dropped me off two blocks from my home. ‘No one will believe if you tell. Be a good girl,’ he told me."

The "Jane Doe" said that watching what happened to Dr. Ford and Anita Hill, she was "petrified" to come forward in person or give her name.

"A group of white men, powerful senators who won't believe me, will come after me. Like Dr. Ford, I'm a teacher, I have an education, a family, a child, a home. I have credibility. Just because something happens a long time ago, because a rape victim doesn't want to personally come forward, does not mean something can't be true."

Doe indicated she lived in Oceanside, California and the letter was sent to Sen. Kamala Harris's (D-CA) office but did not have a return address.

Kavanaugh denied any of it ever happened. He's said the same about the other accusations against him and called it part of a Democratic conspiracy dealing with the Clintons.

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