Regretful Trump voter begs for forgiveness on CNN: 'I am sorry I voted for him -- I've enabled this monster'
Regretful Trump voter Sydney Cohan appears on CNN (Screen cap).

A regretful Trump voter told CNN's Alisyn Camerota on Tuesday that she was deeply sorry for backing the president in 2016 -- and she vowed to fight him "every day" to make amends.

During a focus group discussion on Trump's presidency, independent voter Sydney Cohan begged America to forgive her for voting for Trump two years ago even as she swore to make amends for her decision.

"I just want to say to every American that's having trouble with this -- I am sorry I voted for him," she said. "I regret it with all my heart. I feel like I've enabled this monster to destroy democracy, destroy everything that is good in this country."

Cohan went on to detail the actions she's taking to earn redemption for picking Trump in 2016.

"I'm definitely voting Democrat," she said. "I've been knocking on doors, I've got a clipboard... I am canvassing for a Democrat in Wyoming."

Elsewhere in the panel, Anthony Miles -- who had previously told CNN at the start of Trump's term that he liked what he saw -- that he was now desperate to see the Democrats win back Congress this fall.

"We've got a very crazy man driving the train," Miles said of Trump. "And he's going to kill this country."

Watch the video below.