Republican Duncan Hunter smears his rival with a racist 'national security' warning -- which was written by lobbyists
Rep. Duncan Hunter gives an interview to Fox News/Screenshot

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) has been indicted for vast graft and is facing a tough election challenge from Democrat Ammar Campa-Najjar.

On Monday, Hunter released a letter argued the Palestinian-Mexican American Christian Campa-Najjar that was a "national security risk."

“If Democrat candidate Ammar Campa-Najjar should get elected and sees secret information on U.S. military operations that would endanger members of his Najjar family in the Middle East, would he compromise U.S. operations to protect his relatives, the Najjars?” the letter says. “We would not bet the lives of our troops on the gamble. We hope you wouldn’t either.”

The letter was labeled with the words "Security Alert" and came from retired brigadier general Terry Paul and two retired major generals, Randall West and T.L. Corwin.

What the letter didn't say was that all three of the generals are lobbyists who have business with the House Armed Services Committee, which Hunter serves on.

The three retirees all work for lobbying firms that do heavy business with Hunter's committee, which allocates vast sums of money.

Paul works for a company whose clients include Bae Systems, a British company that makes fighter planes and battle ships. West lobbies for Robison International, whose clients include aviation and aerospace companies. Corwin lobbies for the International Marine Contractors Association.

Hunter's position on the committee has led to him receiving vast campaign donations, much of which he allegedly illegally spent on a lavish lifestyle. Hunter is facing a trial in that case after the midterms.