Republican Matt Gaetz deletes slanderous tweet accusing slain journalist of being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood
Rep. Matthew Louis Gaetz, II (R-FL) is the son of Donald J. "Don" Gaetz, the former President of the state Senate.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) deleted a tweet that accused Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi of being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

"Khashoggi: an anti-Israel, 9-11 justifying apologist 4 the Muslim Brotherhood. He advocated a pro-democracy Islamic ideology (becoming popular w MB ie Egypt). He did NOT deserve to die. This is MSM portrayal of him does not whitewash some important context that informs what we do next," Gaetz tweeted, according to a CNN screen capture.

The justification for Gaetz's opinion appears to be a tweet from Khashoggi that lamented the violence Palestinians face daily.

It is unclear if Gaetz deleted the tweet because he realized it likely set him up for a lawsuit. However, Gaetz is not the only one who has decided to turn against Khashoggi and give cover to the Saudis as the PR campaign against the journalist proceeds forward.

You can watch the video of the clips from conservative outlets below: