Republican senator John Kennedy loses it: Kavanaugh opponents were not breastfed and have no souls
Republican senator John Kennedy. (Screenshot/Fox News)

Republican Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana exploded on Democrats Wednesday morning, accusing them of stalling the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in "bad faith."

"What I'm hearing from the voters in Louisiana is that enough is enough. They don't believe that anybody is in good faith right now in the United States Senate," Kennedy said on Fox News.

He suggest that "40 hours' worth of testimony" and FBI background checks should be enough to prove Kavanaugh's innocence.

"Stand up in front of god and country and you either believe that there is no due process left in America or you don't. I happen to believe there is. Now, I'm not saying that this is any country for creepy old men. It is not. Sexual harassment is wrong. And it goes on a lot. And the people who do it should be punished.

"But this is also no country at all without due process. And both the accuser and the accused are entitled to respect and fairness and due process and they are entitled to defend themselves."

"And that's what Chuck Grassley and the Judiciary Committee have tried to do -- it is not what some of my colleagues have tried to do. I told [Fox News host Tucker] Carlson last night and I know it was harsh but I mean it. Some of my colleagues on the democratic side are in good faith," Kennedy said.

"Some, I'm convinced -- I could be convinced and rapidly being convinced don't have a soul. How did I put it, their mothers didn't breastfeed them. They went to raw meat. Right to raw meat. They don't care who gets destroyed, Dr. Ford, her confidentiality, her family, they don't care if Brett Kavanaugh gets destroyed, his reputation. Their whole mantra is just win, baby, do whatever it takes."

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