Republicans are mad Trump isn't sharing his campaign cash stockpile with them: 'It could flip a seat or two'
Donald Trump and House GOP members in the White House Rose Garden on Thursday (Screen capture)

The Trump campaign is flush with cash — but isn't sharing it with the needy GOP candidates floundering as the party pulls its financial support.

The New York Times reported that at the beginning of October, the Trump campaign had $47 million cash on hand.

The campaign's sunny financial outlook has angered some in the GOP, the report continued, who have in private "grumbled" that the money would be better spent on candidates at risk of losing their elections as they're outraised by Democrats.

According to Trump's former campaign aide Sam Nunberg, that stockpiling is by design.

"It was important for the president to build this massive operation for his re-election to demonstrate that it would be a fool’s errand for anyone inside the party to try to primary him," Nunberg told the Times, "and because we don’t know what’s going to happen in the House with a possible impeachment."

"The president is concerned about keeping his power, and part of his power is the money, and the small donors," the ex-aide, who now works for a political action committee run by former White House strategist Steve Bannon, said.

Nunberg suggested that Trump outraising Republicans isn't a coincidence.

"One of the reasons that Republicans have been outraised, particularly in the House, is because of the massive amount of money going to the president," he told the Times. "That could flip a seat or two."

The Times previously reported that the Trump campaign expenditures have gone to a number of seemingly-unrelated sources — including $173,000 paid in the last three months to the law firm representing former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.