Rick Wilson ridicules Trump's escalating lies: By the end of the week he'll say the bin Laden family is coming over the border
Republican strategist Rick Wilson. Image via screengrab.

An MSNBC panel turned into part mockery part sad truth when former Republican Rick Wilson warned the natural path President Donald Trump's hyperbole will travel.

Wilson complained about Trump's attacks on the caravan of families walking over 1,000 miles, which is a little under the distance driving from Oklahoma City, O.K. to Washington, D.C. Trump has claimed that these families, who can't even afford water, are also Middle Eastern terrorists.

"So, one day it's going to be 500 refugees marching north. By the end of the week, it's going to be the entire bin Laden family coming here with knives in their teeth to kill every American," Wilson only half-joked. "The drama and the exaggeration and the constant drumbeating on this thing, it requires that they constantly stoke that fear center with more and more vivid imagery and more and more terrifying claims."

He called it nothing more than an old story that plays out over and over. It gets the Trump base riled up.

"And they look at these people as less than human," Wilson described. "And this is part of Trump coming out of the closet on being a full-on nationalist."

MSNBC host Chris Hayes noted that there have been people commenting saying that they should simply shoot the people coming over the border.

"Yeah, why can't we build a laser mote with robot alligators," Wilson replied.

Conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin noted that the interesting way the story has developed into a kind of "fish story" growing in size is that it wasn't enough for refugees coming to the U.S. from Honduras, now it has to be "Middle Eastern terrorists."