Sarah Sanders loses it while defending Trump's mocking of Dr. Ford: 'The president was stating facts'
Sarah Sanders speaks at a White House briefing (CNN/screen grab)

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders on Wednesday defended President Donald Trump after he mocked sexual assault survivor Christine Blasey Ford during a Tuesday rally.

At Wednesday's White House briefing, Fox News correspondent John Roberts asked Sanders if Trump helped Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh by mocking Ford.

"The president was stating facts," Sanders remarked defensively. "He was stating facts that were given during Dr. Ford's testimony and the Senate has to make a decision based on those facts and whether or not they see Judge Kavanaugh to be qualified to hold the position on the Supreme Court."

The press secretary grew angry as she continued.

"Every single word Judge Kavanaugh has said has been picked apart, every single word!" Sanders exclaimed. "Second by second of his testimony has been picked apart. Yet, if anybody says anything about the accusations that have been thrown against him, that is totally off-limits and outrageous."

She added: This entire process has been a disgrace and the only reason that it has been that way is that Senate Democrats circumvented the entire system and frankly they have undermined our entire judicial branch by the way that they have acted."

Watch the video below from CNN