Sen. Hirono levels Don Jr. for irrational 'fear' of women: 'Don't assault them, don't harass them'
Mazie Hirono (CNN/screen grab)

Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) on Tuesday knocked down Donald Trump Jr.'s suggestion that parents should fear for their sons because of the "Me Too" movement.

During an interview on CNN, host John Berman noted that Trump Jr. had recently said that he was worried that his sons would one day be unfairly accused of sexual misconduct.

"When the left weaponizes against men and says, 40 years later, we can bring it up," Trump Jr. complained. "You did something in high school that no one remembers but it should disqualify you from every doing anything again. It really diminishes the real claims."

Hirono explained that some people like Trump Jr. wrongly hold the belief that women "just sit around making these stories up."

"It's not true," Hirono insisted. "Sexual assault is one of the most underreported crimes. And you can see why. Because when women come forward -- and by the way, thousands of them are coming forward to share their very painful, traumatic stories -- that they never report it. And these are the kinds of attitudes that make it really tough for them to come forward."

"The men in this country, particularly, they should make sure their sons, particularly, are raised in such a way that they respect women, don't assault them, don't harass them, all of that," she continued. "But, do you know what? This kind of attitude [exemplified by Trump Jr.], it flows from a fear and mistrust of women."

Watch the video below from CNN.