Fox News’ Shep Smith fires back at angry viewer live on the air – and tells her Trump is exploiting her fear of immigrants
Fox News host Shep Smith. (Screenshot)

On Tuesday, Fox News host Shep Smith put politics aside and fact-checked President Donald Trump after the president called the migrant caravan crisis an "assault on the U.S. Border."

"Thousands of migrants including women, children, and babies, are pressing onward through the very southern part of Mexico in the general direction of the United States border," Smith said. " The president has called it an assault on the U.S. Border. It is absolutely not. It is nowhere near the U.S. Border."

Smith added, "They are not coming to get —they are seeking relief from their hell at home. That's the truth."

Despite his reports, some viewers wrote in to say they would believe the president overall.

A viewer named Heidi wrote in saying, "Sorry, Shep, we are not following your fake story. This is an invasion. This is not a caravan of poor migrants seeking a better life. Yes, there may be some of that there but you're full of it if you believe what you are saying. POTUS has Intel, you don't."

Smith responded live on air by saying that Trump is using the caravan issue to evoke fear before the Midterm elections.

"No, he doesn't. [Trump] has politics, and he told us the other day, so I can report to you with certainty they are running on Kavanaugh and caravan. Your fear of invasion. We just showed you their pictures," Smith responded.

Watch the video below via Foxs News.