Tech bro threatens to kill Middle Eastern Uber driver because he 'hates all brown people'
29-year-old Sean Scappaticci's mugshot. Image via Colorado Springs Police Department.

A Bitcoin entrepreneur threatened to kill a Middle Eastern Uber driver because he claims to "hate all brown people."

The Denver Post reported that the "belligerent" 29-year-old Sean Scappaticci was riding in an Uber around 4 AM last Friday when he began threatening the driver, who Colorado Springs Police identified as a 20-year-old man of Middle Eastern descent.

"Fearing for his life," the driver pulled over and began running — and the passenger began chasing him.

Scappaticci, the co-founder of a company that created Bitcoin ATMs, allegedly tried to fight the police officers who arrived on the scene and broke the back window of a police cruiser.

According to the report, the alleged assailant also told the driver that he was a former Army Ranger and had killed many of the driver's relatives while overseas.

Scappaticci was held by the CSPD "on suspicion of bias-motivated crimes against a person, obstruction, property damage, assault, menacing and attempt to escape," the report noted.