Text messages reveal GOP official conspired with his girlfriend to drug and assault woman: police
Lawrence Jay Weinstein

A former GOP official allegedly conspired with his girlfriend to get a woman drunk and take nude photographs of her when she passed out, reports the Patch.

44-year-old Lawrence Jay Weinstein and his girlfriend shared texts plotting how to spike a woman's wine with hard alcohol, before getting her back to his home, where he'd installed a web cam.

"Don't let her go to the bathroom until she gets back to your place," Weinstein told his girlfriend in a message, according to the DA's office.

"Keep sober so you can make it happen and aren't too drunk to win," he texted, as his girlfriend shared dinner with the woman in a Mexican restaurant.

The woman told investigators that she remembers the wine "didn't taste right" and appears to have blacked out after that. When the woman passed out in the bathroom, Weinstein instructed his girlfriend to, "Get her naked and get [sic] door open," one text said, according to the DA's office.

Police also found a video of him apparently sexually assaulting an unconscious woman.

The Republican stepped down from Northampton, Pennsylvania's board of supervisors last month.