‘I like your show’: Trump gives Fox News interview after campaign rally -- as Hurricane Michael pummels the South
White House photo of President Donald Trump speaking on the phone aboard Air Force One en route to a campaign rally.

President Donald Trump left the White House for a campaign rally in western Pennsylvania as Category 4 Hurricane Michael struck the Florida panhandle and gulf coast.

Trump had criticized then-President Barack Obama in 2012 for attending a campaign rally with Jay Z and Bruce Springsteen that occurred seven days after Hurricane Sandy made landfall, but refused to cancel his campaign event.

“I cannot disappoint the thousands of people that are there – and the thousands that are going," Trump tweeted.

Trump also found time for an "exclusive" telephone interview with Fox News personality Shannon Bream after returning to the White House.

"A lot of things were blown over," Trump noted.

Bream asked him to responded to criticism of traveling to a campaign rally while a devastating storm was hitting the gulf coast.

"If I didn't go, they would also criticize," Trump claimed. This was set up a long time ago.

"If I didn't go, that would have been the wrong thing, too," Trump claimed.

Asked about the midterms, Trump said, "I think we're doing really well."

Trump was also asked about the political fallout over the contentious confirmation of conservative Brett Kavanaugh.

"I think the Democrats disgraced themselves during the hearing," Trump charged, as he went on to question the allegations against the conservative jurist.

"He lead a very spectacular, clean life," Trump claimed. "I really like the job the Senate did."

"I like your show," Trump told the Fox News host.

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