Trump-loving conspiracy nuts think JFK Jr is still alive -- and is secretly attending Trump rallies
Trump supporter Vince Fusca, left, and a QAnon supporter, right (Photo via Twitter).

QAnon, a subset of Trump supporters known for spouting wild conspiracy theories about global pedophile rings, now believe that John F. Kennedy Jr., who died in a plane crash in 1999, is still alive and secretly attending Trump rallies.

Travis View, who follows and frequently comments on developments within the QAnon community, notes that many QAnon followers were particularly excited this week to see Pennsylvania Trump supporter Vincent Fusca show up at one of the president's rallies.

The reason this caused such excitement, View explains, is that QAnon supporters believe that Fusca is actually JFK Jr., as documented by the tweets below.

NBC News reporter Ben Collins notes that the theory about Vincet Fusca being JFK Jr. has taken off like wildfire on YouTube, where typing in "JFK Jr." will result in autocomplete results that include Fusca as one of the top choices. Additionally, searching for only JFK Jr. on YouTube turns up a slew of QAnon conspiracy videos.

"Top three videos on YouTube when searching for JFK Jr., and seven of the top 10, claim JFK Jr. is both alive and also Q from Qanon," he writes.

One video linking Fusca to JFK Jr. has more than 110,000 views so far -- and others that show up in search results have also racked up tens of thousands of views.