Trump says he won’t accept blame if his controversial politics cost GOP control of Congress in the midterms: report
Donald Trump speaks on the White House lawn (CNN/screen grab)

President Donald Trump has been hitting the road campaigning for the midterms. However, in an AP interview, Trump said he would not take responsibility if the GOP loses the House.

Trump said he believes he is helping his party.

“I don’t believe anybody has ever had this kind of impact,” the president said. Yet, when it comes to the results, he absolves himself from any responsibility.

He suggested that Republicans will "do well" but mentioned that voters won't show up because he is not on the ballot. During his rallies, Trump has said that a vote for Republicans is a vote for him, but the message doesn't seem to be having an impact with his supporters.

Trump has also followed the campaign recommendations by former White House aide Steve Bannon, who urged the president and the GOP to forget about female voters because they'll never win them anyway.

If Democrats win the House they could initiate investigations or the impeachment process. Even still, Trump said he would “handle it very well.”

Democrats are currently ahead in the generic ballot against Republicans, but several individual House races show Republicans, even in red states, are falling short.