Trump trashes ‘failing’ New York Times over explosive report that exposed his family’s tax scams

On Wednesday morning, President Donald Trump lashed out at the New York Times for its 14,000-word investigation piece of his family's multigenerational tax scams, by which the family dodges taxes through shady accounting and possible fraud.

The report, based off of his father Fred's tax returns and other sensitive documents, showed that the president had lied about receiving a $1 million loan from his father, actually starting off with $400 million, and that the Trumps, including Donald's sister, a federal judge, acted together to transfer wealth from the dying father without paying taxes.

"The Failing New York Times did something I have never seen done before. They used the concept of 'time value of money' in doing a very old, boring and often told hit piece on me," Trump tweeted. "Added up, this means that 97% of their stories on me are bad. Never recovered from bad election call!"