Trump's Scotland golf resort is losing millions of dollars: report
President Donald Trump/Screenshot

President Donald Trump's golf course in Scotland is losing millions of dollars and has yet to turn a profit, reported Bloomberg.

Trump owns the 800-acre resort called Turnberry in Scotland’s West Coast. This resort saw a loss of 4.64 million pounds in 2017, which is equal to over $6 million dollars.

Eric Trump called the business at Turnberry, "competitive and challenging. [There are] factors that can be heightened by adverse weather conditions."

"The crash in the oil price and economic downturn experienced in the northeast of Scotland has, however, resulted in a drop to local spending and consequently, revenues have decreased by 3 percent," Eric Trump wrote. "By establishing cost controls and containment, the property was able to reduce its loss."

Trump's business loss highlights how his presidency has impacted his personal life. When Trump visited the resort in July he was greeted with protesters.

Trump also hasn't made a profit from his resort in Aberdeen that opened in 2012.