Watch: Bill Maher hilariously calls out all the lies Trump told this week
Bill Maher on HBO/Screenshot

On Friday, HBO's Bill Maher invited former Trump spokesman Anthony Scaramucci onto his HBO show to talk about Trump.

Specifically, Maher wanted to talk about Trump's lies—which Scaramucci explained Trump has "made a calculated bet" that the people who are voting for him "don't care about."

In fact, Scaramucci said, the people like the lies—specifically because it makes elites like Maher so angry.

Maher responded by saying there was no way not to react to Trump's lies, and broke down several, from Trump's claim that middle-easterners had joined the caravan of Central American migrants to claiming that Republicans want to protect people from losing health insurance coverage for preexisting conditions and that Democrats don't.

"He's disputing the concept of facts," Maher said. "Trump said 'There's no proof of anything—but there may well be."

"He lies an average of eight times a day—if he tells the truth it's an accident," said guest Max Boot.

Watch below.