CNN's Anderson Cooper shames Steve Cortes for refusing to admit that Trump called countries 'sh*tholes'
CNN host Anderson Cooper (left) and commentator/former Trump adviser Steve Cortes (right). Images via screengrab.

CNN's Anderson Cooper quickly put President Donald Trump's former aide Steve Cortes in his place, after he tried to defend Trump's racist views on immigration.

In the midst of the caravan crisis at the Mexico-Guatemala border, Trump attempted to evoke fear among his base by saying Middle Easterner are trying to flood the US.

"There are clearly other countries where terrorism is prevalent," Cortes said.

Cooper then asked if he thought Trump's claim on the caravan was true.

"You have no evidence that there are Middle Easterners with evil intentions in the caravan," Cooper said.

Cooper then explained to him that Trump once said he doesn't want immigrants from "sh*thole" countries. Cortes tried to deny that Trump ever said the "sh*thole" remark by claiming that Trump never "acknowledged" it.

Cooper then went on to remind him that it doesn't matter where we come from because we "all bleed red."

Watch below via CNN.