Watch: Fox News host Laura Ingraham and guests laugh about 'Mickey Mouse movie prop' mail bombs
Former FBI assistant director Danny Coulson and Fox News host Laura Ingraham mock the bombs sent to Democrats/Screenshot

On her Thursday night show, Fox News host Laura Ingraham and her guests laughed about and mocked the mail bombs sent to prominent Democratic politicians, left-leaning celebrities and CNN.

In a segment featuring former FBI administrator Danny Coulson and explosives salesman Ryan Morris, Ingraham and the guests mocked the build-quality of the bombs and suggested that the real plan was not to hurt anyone but to scare the targets or to motivate Democratic voters.

The mail bombs were "duds" and "simply not capable of exploding" said Ingraham, who questioned whether the story was "hyped."

Based on the x-ray released of one of the devices, Morris said "it was Mickey Mouse."

"It's got a red and a black wire—very Hollywood," he said. "Like what would be in a Hollywood movie."

This indicates that the devices are not what "a real bomber" would send, he said.

Coulson described a Democratic politicians concerns about the devices as "laughable."

"Either this guy is the Alfred E. Neuman of bomb-makers or he had no intention for these things going off," Coulson said. "This looks like a movie prop."

Coulson suggested the entire episode was not serious because of the type of pipe used in the bombs, which is not the type other bombers would use. He said the bombs "might possibly be to get sympathy" for the targets.

"What then is the purpose? I tend to believe the purpose is not to hurt anybody," he said. "I think it's theater. I think it's definitely theater, and I think it's messaging. It's almost a joke."

Ingraham then said she has been reading Israeli commentary on the crude nature of the bombs and laughed about the "little baby alarm clock."

"It just looks ridiculous," she said.

Watch below.