Watch: HBO's Bill Maher embarrasses Stormy Daniels with Trump sex questions in R-rated interview
Stormy Daniels appears on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher/Screenshot

On Friday, HBO's Bill Maher interviewed Stormy Daniels on Real Time.

Being on premium cable, Maher had the latitude to ask Daniels questions no prominent interviewer yet has.

Daniels, who had unprotected sex with Trump several months after his son Barron was born, talked about the episode, which she is embarrassed about.

"Why did you f*ck Donald Trump?" Maher asked.

"I have no idea!" Daniels said.

"You have no idea?" Maher asked.

"I have no f*cking idea," Daniels said.

Maher asked Daniels why she didn't take precautions at the time given Trump's reputation as a serial adulterer.

Or, as Maher put it, "How can you raw dog a sleazebag like that?"

"Oh God," a visibly uncomfortable Daniels said. "Yeah, I don't know.

Watch below.