Watch: Pro-Trump march for 'ex-Democrats' ends with tiny crowd singing along to crazy QAnon conspiracy song
Folk singer J.T. Wilde sings a song glorifying the QAnon conspiracy at #WalkAway march/Screenshot

Saturday's #WalkAway March on Washington had been hyped for months by Fox News and other conservative outlets.

The event—organized by a gay man named Brandon Straka who claims he was a liberal until being converted to Republicanism by Donald Trump—drew what supporters called "thousands" but which appeared to be only a handful of people at some points during the event's livestream. Speakers included Clueless co-star Stacey Dash.

The event ended fittingly, with a folk singer named J.T. Wilde singing a song about the QAnon conspiracy theory to a few dozen people, several of whom sang along to his chorus of "Where We Go One, We Go All" after his intense prompting.

"They call us deplorable/and we love the name/ the bodies are in the dirt/and they need someone to blame," Wilde sang. "They call it a conspiracy/cuz it's the one last lie/we know who they are/and we've got them in our sights."

Watch the song below.