Watch: Racist woman screams 'We don't want more immigrants' at teacher and her friends

A British woman screamed racist abuse at a teacher of Asian origin, referencing Jeremy Kyle, an English television and radio presenter, known for airing anti-immigrant sentiments.

“Fuck you all, get that on YouTube," the woman yells, as the teacher records her, the UK Independent reported. ‘I’m a Jeremy Kyle wannabe, I couldn’t give a fuck. I am British, let Britain be British. “I’m on a train and their ain’t one fucking British c*** on here, and what! ‘Boo hoo, you’re crying. Boo hoo, boo hoo.’

Nassima Iggoute asked if the woman had anything else to add, to which she responded with more obscenity.

“Fuck you, fuck you bitch, fuck you.”

Despite being filmed, the woman continued to spout racist and anti-immigrant sentiment.

"“What do I think about immigrants? Fuck off! Great Britain is a small country and it has had enough. We don’t want anymore immigrants, we want Britain to be Britain. “Fuck that you c**t, fuck it, fuck it,” she shouted.

As the Independent points out following the Brexit vote to exit the European Union, hate incidents in Britain have been on the rise.

"Which way did this lady vote in the referendum? Impossible to guess," Iggoute wryly observed on Facebook.