WATCH: Republicans launch new attack ad on liberal investor George Soros — after a bomb was mailed to him
Liberal investor George Soros (Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung/Flickr)

The House GOP has launched a new attack ad on liberal investor George Soros just two days after a bomb was mailed to one of his houses.

The Daily Beast reported that the National Republican Campaign Committee released the ad on behalf of GOP Minnesota House candidate Jim Hagedorn.

In the ad titled "Owes," a narrator claimed Hagedorn's opponent Dan Feehan is "owned" by Soros because of his foundation's donations to the Center for a New American Security, where the report notes that Feehan is a fellow.

“Look at who finances Dan Feehan’s employer,” the narrator said. “Radical George Soros, Wall Street’s biggest banks, a crooked lobbyist tied to [Nancy] Pelosi.”

The ad is part of a series the NRCC ran slamming Feehan on Hagedorn's behalf, the first being called "Owns."

Released days before an explosive was found at Soros' house, the first ad also took aim at the liberal megadonor, causing some critics to accuse the NRCC of anti-Semitism for portraying him as a powerful and corrupt Jew.

You can watch the "Owes" ad below: