WATCH: Tree topples and becomes entirely unrooted as Hurricane Michael bears down on Florida's gulf coast
A tree topples at the roots in Panama City, Florida during Hurricane Michael. Images via screengrab.

A dramatic video taken from inside a home in Panama City, Florida shows a tree toppling at the roots — and the devastation Hurricane Michael is bringing to the state's panhandle region.

In the video first posted by Twitter user @ayyyjayyy19, the tree's base trembles and bulges before the roots rip upward out of the ground as the tree topples over.

In another video recorded by Montgomery Adviser reporter Kirsten Fiscus, a group of skinny trees appearing to go nearly horizontal in the winds from the hurricane in Panama City.

Although not located directly on the coast, a video recorded by a Mississippi State University meteorology student in the panhandle town of Marianna, Florida shows trees crashing down due to high winds as well.

Yet another video from Marianna shows multiple trees falling, and onlookers can be heard exclaiming "oh my God!" as they topple.