WATCH: Trump hopes #MAGAbomber story will 'disappear rapidly' now that a suspect has been arrested
Donald Trump (Youtube)

President Donald Trump told an audience at the White House on Friday that he hoped the story about one of his supporters sending explosive devices to his political opponents would go away now that suspect Cesar Sayoc had been arrested.

While addressing the Young Black Leadership Summit, the president praised law enforcement for its work on arresting one of his own supporters, and he said that it was time to start talking about other things.

"Now our law enforcement has done such a good job that maybe it can start to disappear rapidly because we don't like those stories," the president said.

Although Trump initially talked in conciliatory terms about political violence in the United States during the start of his address, he regularly veered off topic and started attacking the news media and "globalists" shortly afterward.

Trump also took to Twitter Friday morning to complain that news coverage of the bomber had slowed down Republicans' "momentum" in the midterm elections, which he called a "very unfortunate" development.

Watch the video below.