WATCH: Trump supporter tries to pick a fight with comedian George Lopez -- and immediately regrets it
Comedian George Lopez weighs in on America's deportation crisis in an interview with TMZ. Image via screengrab.

A Trump supporter this week tried to pick a fight with George Lopez -- and immediately came to regret it after the comedian grabbed his neck and seemingly forced him to drop his phone.

TMZ reports that the Trump supporter had been heckling Lopez for hours, while yelling "MAGA" at him as he was in a Hooters bar in New Mexico.

According to TMZ, Lopez eventually grew tired of being yelled at by the Trump fan and walked over to confront him. The Trump supporter in the video can be seen yelling, "He's a badass, George wants to fight me" as Lopez approaches him.

At the end of the video, Lopez can be seen holding the Trump supporter by the back of the neck, which is when the camera seems to tumble out of focus.

Despite this, however, there was no serious fight that took place between Lopez and the Trump fan.

"We're told there were no real injuries and cops weren't called," reports TMZ.

Watch the video below.