WATCH: Trump supporter whines about being a victim after Arizona bar owner boots her for wearing MAGA hat
A Trump supporter after getting kicked out of an Arizona bar (Screen cap).

A President Donald Trump supporter this week bitterly complained after a bar owner in Arizona kicked her out for insisting on wearing her "Make America Great Again" hat in his establishment.

A video recorded by the Trump supporter shows the owner of the River Run Bar in Ehrenberg, Arizona asking her to leave because he does not like her MAGA hat.

"I want you out of here!" he says to her. "Leave!"

"That guy is telling me to leave his place just because I'm wearing my MAGA hat!" the Trump supporter complained into the camera. "This is my hat!"

"You're not free to wear it in my place," the bar owner shot back at her. "This is a private place -- and I own it! I have a right to refuse service to you legally."

A man who was with the Trump supporter at the bar informed her that the owner did, in fact, have a right to refuse service to her.

This didn't stop the Trump supporter from griping, however.

"This guy kicked me out of his place because I'm wearing my MAGA hat," she said.

The bar owner responded by calling the president "lying, cheating Trump."

As the woman exited the bar, she informed people that Trump would continue to "be your president, whether you like it or not!"

Watch the video below.