WATCH: Video of Hurricane Michael's impact on Florida coast looks like a disaster movie
Photos and screen capture from Hurricane Michael (via Josh Benson/Twitter)

As Hurricane Michael makes its way inland, the scene is looking more and more horrific with flooding up to the first story of homes. Homes are being torn apart as winds top 150 miles per hour with gusts even stronger.

According to footage from Josh Benson of WFLA News, roofs being torn off of homes made for debris washing into flood waters. The unreal video he uploaded of Mexico Beach looks like the set of a disaster movie.

The first video shows the moments directly after a home was blown apart by the storm and the debris was hitting the structure in which his team was stationed. The second video showed a clear picture of the homes that remained underwater.

"A look at what houses in #Mexico Beach, #Florida look like right now," he tweeted Wednesday afternoon as the eye made landfall. "This is a follow up from the previous clip posted. They are now submerged and were no match for #HurricaneMichael (via Tessa Talarico)"

A bank he photographed in Panama City shows an entire side of a bank that looks like it had been hit by a bomb. Windows were completely blown out, exposing the entire side of the building.