We 'are not a doormat': White House aides refused to accept blame for inciting violence as Trump demands 'civility'
President Trump (Screengrab from video)

CNN's political analyst Gloria Borger revealed that White House aides are refusing to accept that President Donald Trump's violent behavior and rhetoric lead to multiple bomb threats sent to news organizations and Democrats.

Borger reported that White House aides said, "We are not a doormat."

"Our colleague, Pamela Brown is reporting that White House officials said 'we're not to blame,'" she said. "He should not be blamed for crazy things that violent people want to do. A senior official told Pam that 'we're not a doormat.'"

She added, "The president tonight said leaders must stop threatening opponents as if they're morally defective. [I remember] when the president said that the opponents of Kavanaugh were evil. He used that word, evil. Is that morally defective? I would think so."

"You have the White House coming out with a statement saying, you know, it's not us, but this is the president of the United States. His words matter. His words echo throughout not only this country but the world," she said.

Watch the video below via CNN.