White supremacists celebrate 'master race president' Trump's efforts to end birthright citizenship
Andrew Anglin wearing a 'Make America Great Again' hat to show his political support for Donald Trump -- via Wiki commons

White supremacists celebrated Donald Trump's planned order ending birthright citizenship — but are divided as to whether it goes far enough.

NBC News reported that Andrew Anglin of the neo-Nazi Daily Stormer website lauded the president for the proposed executive order that would, if enacted, bar the children of non-citizens from becoming citizens themselves if born on American soil.

"Master race president remains the master of races," Anglin wrote.

NBC News noted that white supremacists online appeared to agree with liberals who consider the proposed executive order to be a political stunt meant to rally Trump's base for the midterms.

"Trump: What can I tell those suckers to gain some more support for the midterms?" one Stormfront forum user wrote. "Stephen Miller: tell those gullible goyim you're gonna end birthright citizenship!"

The report noted that Miller is Jewish and "goyim" is a Yiddish word for non-Jewish people.